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How to change clothing style successfully

Change klänningar style is fun and inspiring, but it can also backfire because you run the risk that you choose a look that really is not suitable for you. A look can also not fit with your lifestyle and environment. In that case your new look of clothes, works how happy you are rather against you and will feel confident that your new look gave you pleasure.

It is therefore important that you choose a new look that suits you. Do you think that your friend look so cool, Sophisticated and sexy? If you want to change the look, it is important to choose that you like. Prerequisite is that you can take something that is in fashion; otherwise the risk is great that you reached the opposite effect claimed.


Here are some tips that can help you to find a new look. A look that inspires you and also reflects your personality.

Choose only those looks that are an extension of your own personality. Never go for a look that is far removed from your current look, there might be stylistically at odds in return.

Try to understand that the look that you like it – and you’d like fitting yourself – is also suitable for your personality.

Be super critical and realistic. Would the hairstyle you choose is well suited on you? And it fits in your face? And what about the clothes? Always keep in mind that you should go with you are.

Do not be afraid to ask for advice.

Enlist the help of a friend or a saleswoman in the store where you’re shopping in. Start with a few basics. In the course of time you will be further develop your look. Let the big brands for what they are, that you only use as inspiration. With the money you would spend for a single item from a renowned designer, you can renew your whole wardrobe in other stores. For advice about your new haircut you obviously are (a good one!) Take a picture of the hairstyle that you would like to join and ask this for your hair type and your face will be suitable. And if not, ask what is suitable for you.

Customize the look of your choice to your own personality

This is an important aspect of the process of change look. Take the look of your choice as a starting point, but you do not stare blindly and do not be afraid to customize the look.  Enjoy your new look and the effect you have on others. magazine

Study the latest magazine and select those looks that appeal most to you because the most famous hairdressers and makeup artists are coming to pass.