Precious Stone: Lisa Edelstein
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She was the only one who could stand against the so famous dr House, and now Lisa Edelstein changed for a new series, Girlfriends’ guide to divorce (Season 3 will start tonight at 9.15 on Premium Stories). Say goodbye to the single ladies from Sex and the city and welcome to the new era with ladies looking for a second chance with happiness, specifically after a divorce, as she tells at Monte Carlo TV Festival. She plays Abby, a writer who gives love advices while her personal life is falling down, but in these new episodes her career seems to have stopped as well. New entries of the series is Malcolm-Jamal Warner (The Cosby Show).

What did you learn from the series?
«In a relationship everyone acts as they feel like, there’s no rules or recipes for a successful love story, and you don’t even have to worry about what society thinks. And I am talking mostly about people of my age, because nobody believes we have no experience, it’s exactly what happened before my marriage that made it such happy one». 

You are happily married but on tv you talk about divorce.
«It’s surreal, I know, but it’s actually good to talk about love on tv and not just as a fairy tale, but also talking about the not so happy parts, those that break your heart». 

What did you have in common with Lisa Cuddy, dr House’s boss?
«We are similar: we love to be right, we work hard, we are always focused on our job but I have a lot more fun than her, she was too much focused on keeping the control over everything». 

You are happily married now, but one like House would have ever had any appeal on you?
«Nope, that cynicism works only on tv (she laughs)».

Translated from Leggo


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