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The gallery has been updated with photos of Lisa at yesterday’s Bloomingdale’s 59th Street Store event. Take a look!

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Public Apperances > Events From 2017 > Jan 10 | Bloomingdale’s 59th Street Store

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And another event, yesterday still, for Amazon’s Style Code Live. Take a look at HQ photos in the gallery.

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The promotion for the new season has started and Lisa is in full force into it already.
Take a look for HQ photos of her at Build Presents series of events discussing this new upcoming season.

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Public Apperances > Events From 2017 > Jan 09 | Build Presents Lisa Edelstein Discussing Season Three Of ‘Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce’

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Get a look at trailer preview for the new season

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Hello and welcome back to Precious Stone. The absence of months caused some loss in updates but not all is lost because we’re up and back here, ready to bring you the latest news on Lisa Edelstein.

To start in this new year and this new adventure the gallery has been updated with HQ promotional images and stills from first episode of Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce which premieres tomorrow on Bravo. Have a look!

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Brain met Lisa Edelstein at the 56th Television Festival of Monte Carlo, to talk about the series Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce. A sexy interview!

After playing Dr. Lisa Cuddy for eight years in Dr. House, Lisa Edelstein is back on television in the series Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce in December 2014. As a distinguished guest of the Television Festival 56th Monte-Carlo, the actress was approached by Brain, in an interview without taboos or frills. She opens about it and reveals details on the series and about her!

What made you decide to play the role of Abby?
This is a very well written role. It covers the funniest comedy to darker dramatic, all in one series. It’s amazing to have my age (actress celebrated 50 years) and to play a role like this, which is sexy and funny and full of emotions. I like what it represents for women. Their stories are told more and more, developing enormously their life experiences. As an actress, I love playing it because it is the biggest challenge that was given to me.

Your character, Abby, can be very selfish. Do you think she will learn from the past experiences and especially from mistakes of her friends?
Ah, poor Abby! She constantly tries to solve others’ problems, without paying attention to her own. I think during season 3, we will see another face of Abby. Season 1 was the beginning of her divorce, she lost a bit of control. In season 2, she tried to pretend that everything was good, even if it was definitely not so. Therefore, it created an environment where it seems she acts very selfish because she’s refusing to face the truth. Inevitably, it will collapse.

So, season 3 is likely to focus on recover. I can’t wait to see where the story will go, because this is an important moment. The path Abby is going is very interesting, I like the honesty there is in how to deal with these major changes in life. For Abby, this is not an easy path and she doesn’t behave in the best of ways because of it.

Because of your role, do you have advice for recently divorced or separated women?
I have been single for a very long time, I know how difficult it is to meet someone. But it’s important to go out. I think meeting organized by friends is a good thing, even if you’re not interested in that person. Meeting new people is very important.

You need to discover new environments, really live life to the fullest and not worry about being single. To all the single women I can say, discover yourself first, know yourself and be okay to yourself. Being single must not be a problem. It must be okay if you are not in a couple.

You got married in 2014, what is the secret to keeping a sexy marriage?
If a marriage is no longer sexy after two years, then there is a problem. I feel that making love frequently, it is very important. I think the act of making love with your partner create attachment. We must succeed in keeping it alive. Great answer, isn’t it? You can call me Dr. Ruth now.

Do you feel more freedom broadcasting on a cable channel?
In some aspects, yes. It’s really more sassy than on the network. A lot of stories can only run on cable. One can say such insults from time to time, but not that much. We can say “Damn!”, but only twice. Although I don’t know why you would say it more often. We can not say the famous “F-word”, of course. We can say “ass”. Yes, I’ll give you all the insults. We can say “penis”.

What else? We can show th buttocks, but not breasts. We can simulate sex in some ways, you cannot do it on the network, and my husband loves it. All that to say that it’s still more fun on the cable than the network.

The series Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce was renewed for three more seasons. Date of season 3 premiere has not yet been revealed.

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The gallery was updated with HQ photos of Lisa and Robert at the Closing Ceremony in Monte Carlo. Enjoy!

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