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A doctor who can not work as a doctor, Edelstein (43), is another cast member of “House” with a message: Hugh Laurie became the favorite doctor in the United States even though he’s so damaged, and Robert Sean Leonard, child suicide in Dead Poets Society, shows that a regular guy is needed to make it all get along. Edelstein’s 20-year career could be simply described as israeli slang for running fast between cinema, television, stage, and enjoy every minute of it. Getting a part in House, was without doubt perfect for her, too.

“I think my character developed over the years,” said Edelstein about the beginning of the season. “Her relationship with House has become more mature, beautiful, complex, full of hidden messages. It was fun to act, it made the experience more interesting. When you do a series’ pilot, it is really scary, because you do not know how it will play out in a long run . Thanks to the fact that Cuddy’s character is so deep, so well written, it’s just fun. ”

Your view on how your character evolved over the years?
“I think she really likes House, but she also been through a lot herself, she is a very smart and successful woman, a doctor who can not be a doctor, because she’s busy being an administrator. I think it’s very frustrating for her.”

In the fifth season Cuddy tries to be a mom, how is it going?
“Story line where Cuddy tries to become a mom, one way or another, seems very natural for a woman with Cuddy’s age and status. We talked about it over the years, and I’m very glad that TPTB decided to pick it up. Like all the supporter characters’ storylines, for now, it’s just not as developed, but it really do not bother me. After all, the show isn’t call “Cuddy”, and I do not think people would like to see spin-off called ‘administrator by day, mom by night’. I suppose if she was also a stripper and an undercover agent, then maybe.

You did everything. Animation, theater, musicals. Truthfully, what do you like best?
“I love everything I do, I love my livelihood. I’m still excited when I come up on stage, entering the studio or the set, but it’s especially enjoyable when the writing is good. Nothing is more important than a good writing, no matter what the medium is”.

Are the rumors about you having a family in Israel true?
“Absolutely. Some of my relatives came to Israel in 1900 founded a kibbutz [check in wikipedia LOL] here. They took a pile of stones, making it an incredibly fertile place. This Kibbutz still exists, and it’s a lovely place. I have other relatives who emigrated from Argentina and are living in different places outside Tel Aviv and Haifa , maybe even near Jerusalem, some possibly went south towards Kibbutz Eilot. All I know is that every time I come to Israel I see a lot of familiar faces that I have to connect the names to, and this is not an easy task.

You come here often?
“I’ve been here with my family several years ago to celebrate the 70th birthday of my father. It was really amazing. I had not visited Israel since the mid-’80s and I was shocked how it changed since then. People were insanely good looking! A wonderful combination of European, Tunisian, South American, Spanish, Palestinian, and African features. So much diversity, it’s a vibrant culture. Experiencing Israel as a tourist is very different from what we know from the newspapers. I think people should come here and see it themselves “.

And tell us about the sixth season, which will air in the United States at the end of the month?
“Till now, we shot 7 episodes, and a great return. This season’s first two hours are very special, showed what happened to House during vacation. After that things return to normal. I do not want to reveal too much, because it’s much more fun to find out what’s going on while watching. What I can reveal about the sixth season, is that the story of House and Cuddy will experience much more turns.


translated by beti86 for Iwatchforcuddy

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I think it’s an old one, cause I see answers seem to be all the same.

By the way I thank Mel for this.

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And here I translated for you into english.


Dr. House is back on tv with his équipe and we can resume what we’re gonna see like that: a suicide, a wedding and the awaited development of Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) and House (Hugh Laurie) characters.

<<I love their relationship>>, Edelstein tells <<Specially how it’s gonna end with this season. House, obviously, won’t ever change and Cuddy actually loves him for this>>.
Dean of Medicine of the hospital and House’s boss, Lisa Cuddy is the only one who can head against him:

<<By the end of this fifth season we will find out much more about House’s feelings towards Cuddy. They’re very important episodes and very significant to understand better what he really feels for me>>.

In the cast of the serie since the pilot, Lisa Edelstein was called from the producer Bryan Singer: <<I saw her on one episode of West Wing as a prostitute and I loved her acting her way of posing>> explained Singer.

<<What it took me from this serie was the script and quick dialogues>>, she adds <<Working in such a serie like that it’s funny. Each season, on it’s own way, was fantastic. Something I really laugh on looking at past seasons are my hair. I had terrible cuts. I hate those from the first season, I looked so much old!>>

Single declared and looking for <<the right man>>, like she said, Lisa Edelstein was born on 21st May 1967 in Boston and did her debut on tv on 1990 with the serie Awake on the Wild Side.

During the following years she played between theatre and tv screen.

On her appereances on tv they mainly remember her for the prostitute in West Wing, the transgender on Ally McBeal and the sex addicted artist in Frasier.

The actress, who had a relationship for almost two years with the yoga teacher Petri Räisänen, she lives in Los Angeles with her three dogs and about men she closes like this: <<I love working with Hugh Laurie. He’s brilliant and funny and we’ve a wonderful alchemy. He’s very sexy but much much married… and he’s an actor>>.

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thanks to Mel

and here the translation for you.


Lisa Edelstein laughs and crosses her legs. If it wasn’t for the location (a little room in the Visconti hotel, dedicated to the encounters at RomaFictionFest with the pr of the home production Fox who counts the minutes), we could be in an episode of House MD. Cause she’s like her character, also out of the set: Lisa Cuddy, the sexy administrator of Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. The same smile, same gestures, same blinking elegance.

Fresh hair, blouse, white trousers and red high heels sandals, smart and a wonderful fit, Edelstein-Cuddy greats in Italian, and confesses she had two relationships with men of our neighbourhoods. And she swears soon after she doesn’t know anything about the following waited season, the sixth, airing in the Usa on 21st September.

In italy, the fifth (airing on Mediaset pay tv, Joy, and lately on Canale5) closed with a bomb: Cuddy and dottor House, after a long twist for over 100 episodes, finally have sex. Too bad it’s just an allucination of House, due to his popping pills of Vicodin, and ends in a psychiatric clinic. And will be her, with Wilson, to bring him.

<<Next season will start again in a double episode from where we were: House in the institute. But that’s all>> she says.

Will House and Cuddy ever have a real story?

<<I don’t know: screenwriters never tell me anything before, but I don’t think. But I confess I’d like.>>

Then while we’re waiting a simple curiosity: why, as House looks like so genius, they all pretend to be treating him like an idiot in the hospital?

(she laughs) <<I don’t think so: not like an idiot. Let’s say on the contrary that seeing how strong is his character, the addiction to Vicodin and the itch to try terapies, they try to keep an eye on him to avoid he can kill someone>>.

But this never happens.

<<It happens, it happens. If you just pay attention, there’s almost one patient per season who dies>>.

How’s Hugh Laurie without his labcoat?

<<Completely different from his character, he’s such a clever and nice man, we’re friends. And of course a hard worker, precise, scrupulous, untiring>>.

You both are doctor’s children…

<<Also Jesse Spencer is (the actor who playes dottor Robert Chase, one of House’s fellows)>>

Then you were comfortable in a serie running around medicine.

(Laughs again) <<My dad is a paediatrician: I was raised in the hospital, since I was a child and went with him on his work place.

But the set has a problem: it’s a fake. One day I was so bad for something I ate, but any sink worked properly. Fortunately Spencer throw me a bin and I could free my stomache>>.

How much is of Lisa Cuddy in you?

<<I’d say we’re both 40years old women working and single, with a vein of romanticism.>>

Cuddy is always so elegant: necklines, high-heels, tight dress. In italy there was a dispute because they say that a working woman can’t stay eight hours like that.

<<I do agree. But House is a fiction, so we can play out of the schemes>>.

You’re a vegetarian and an activist in an animal recovery: don’t you feel little bit uncomfortable to be use shoes and bags in leather?

<<I’d like to avoid it but I’ve to follow the production needs. Nobody is perfect. But there’s several designers who do not use leather. Stella McCartney for example they’re wonderful.

But they’re expensive and fits only with perfect feet: and mine are awful!>>

You’re vegetarian and practise yoga, right?

<<Good diet, a sport you really like and a wonderful genetic predisposition make miracles!>>

You said before you’ve many things in common with Cuddy like not to be married. How is it?

<<I could talk for hours, but the truth is just I haven’t met the right man, yet. Women so often get married just to satisfy expectations of others or cause they’re afraid of loneliness or cause they feel it’s “time” for the biological clock.

And what about of children? In House MD Cuddy has a daughter without a boyfriend or a husband.

<<I thought on that, I still think. But right now I really don’t know what to think. Tomorrow I might be meeting the right man and build up something like a family. Maybe have a natural gestation, or if it’s not possible, adopting one with him. I think I’ve still some time to think on>>.

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Interview to Lisa on herself and her character (referring to end of season 5)

thanks to Mel

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And here for you I did a translation of it. 🙂

In the past you played a trans gender, a prostitute and a lesbian. Does it make your relations with men complicated?
<<Are you kidding me? Pratically always. Sometimes they think such those things asking for particular games. I just laugh and say “Dream it, baby”. That’s just my job, those who don’t understand and dream on it, it’s their business not mine. But I do like to play roles such out of the schemes. It’s boring to play the girl-next-door part or the devoted wife who cooks.>>

What kind of man are you looking for?

<<Sexy and jerk, an explosion. I mean how can’t you love such as? (laugh) I don’t like the sensitive man who cries at the cinema. I want a real man. One with the attributes. I’m a strong and determined woman, maybe too much, but it wasn’t always like this. I’d like someone who compares favourably with me. But today men are just that freaky that I can’t believe it. I go on dates so frequently and looks like I’m in The Twiligh Zone on the “first meeting”. But I do confess, I’m an idiot in choosing a partner. All my boyfriends were very complicated men, and I suffered a lot. Obviously, those I was the most taken, were those who made me suffer the most. My partner should be nice and smart, but above all he has to make me feel I can be sure to let it go, and stop controlling everything. Unfortunately, the more I go on, the more I don’t see this man. Fortunately I’ve my dogs.>>

Let’s say, if someone like Lisa Edelstein can’t find a man, we’re in trouble. Forty-three years old, tall, tanned, Dr.Lisa Cuddy from the hit serie House MD, airing on Mediaset Premium, comes to be interviewed with her black hair falling on her shoulder, linen white trousers, giddy griffed sandals and a red fire top exalting her tonic shoulders. Like a top model. – I like fashion and I like fit. I suffered for anorexia long time ago. Being so close to death made me live again. Nowadays I follow a vegetarian diet, though I’m an activist animal supporter. I tried being a vegan but I’m sick for cheese and I can’t. I love practising yoga. It’s my religion and to practise I wake up each day at half past four in the morning.>>

Male fans get insane for Cuddy. How much of her it’s in you?

Lisa is a part of me. Since I started to play it I didn’t want her to look like a bitch. She’s House’s boss, but also a sensual woman. Nothing can run out on the job place: she loves to scold, but she always is a woman. She knows she’s sexy and plays with necklines and slits on skirts. Pratically she enjoys make man get crazy. Just like I do (laugh). With fans I had bad experiences though, I’m more careful. I read all their mails but I never answer. Once one of them posted my address on the web: I had my house under siege for weeks. Some follow you everywhere pretending to believe they’re your friends or what. Recently happened to Roma Fiction festival. A man came closer and gave me a packet. I can’t say what was inside.>>

In the late ‘80s you were an habitué in the discotheques. Nicknamed “Queen of the Night”. What’s your memory of that time?

I had so much fun. I was twenty all I wanted was to have fun. Dance, get drunk and have many men.

What did your parents say?

They gave in, like the typical Hebrew humor provides. I was born in Boston and raised in New Jersey, but my parents are from Brooklyn, married it’s 51 years. My dad was a paediatrician. My family comes from Est of Europe, at home we spoke Yiddish. My sister is a functioner for the Nasa, she does direct many men. She’s such a clever woman and has a superb curriculum, but when I see her working really I get pale. Women-boss are ruthless. My brother lives in Colorado, among the mountains. He does manual works and lives a simple life with his wife and their son.>>

Back to the serie. Next season we will finally see a sex scene between House and Cuddy.

<<I can’t talk about, due to the fact that I don’t know so much we’re still in project of shooting it. But we couldn’t do such as. It’s too long we’re running around this. The temperature got hard. I think it’ll be funny>>

The truth, is Hugh Laurie a scum like his character?

<<Not at all, he’s so nice. Incredibly scrupulous, really he pretend perfection. He’s so much concentrated on his job that there’s no time enough for the rest. But the time he’s done with it, he’s funny and human. And it’s so much funny to see how he jumps from the perfect and elegant british accent to the american one. But Hugh is not my type, House is much more. And as I’m thricefold Cuddy we spark.>>

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