Precious Stone: Lisa Edelstein
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The occasion was Fred Rothbell-Mista’s birthday, and the press was there in droves. Patrick McMullen took the glamor shot of the evening with the threesome of Lisa E, James St. James and Michael Musto. Video by Nelson Sullivan.

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What does Lisa eat to be so wonderful? Discover it with “Everyday with Rachel Ray” from drforsteressentials it’s pretty interesting to learn what does she eats to take care of herself.

The star of Fox’s Emmy-nominated medical drama House gets some good medicine of her own.

I eat. Every day. but I don’t do the usual breakfast, lunch, dinner thing. Each day is different, depending on the episode we’re shooting. When I wake up, I always drink tons of Guayakí organic yerba maté tea. I add a few shots of Dr. Foster’s Essentials Calcium from Herbs to feed them bones while I’m ingesting all the stimulants. After tea, I do Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga. I can’t eat anything beforehand or I’m really, really uncomfortable. When I get home, I down an
enormous glass of water spiked with Metagenics Ultra bifidus DF and Ultra dophilus DF for digestive health. It
sounds gross, but it’s benign. Some days I’ll scarf down an organic WholeSoy & Co. yogurt or a handful
of organic unsalted roasted almonds.

At work, we have fantastic catering people. They feed the cast and crew all day, and they’re sensitive to the
needs of picky vegetarians like me. They have delicious salads. I keep mine simple: romaine lettuce,
avocado, baked tofu, carrots, tomatoes and Asian dressing. I make a similar salad at home, with
romaine, avocado, mango and sesame seeds. later in the day I grab a double soy latte with vanilla soy milk
and a wisp of chocolate from an organic market near my house. No day would be complete without
chocolate. My favorite: Vosges Creole bar—it’s dark chocolate with cocoa nibs. Holy Toledo, that thing is good.

I try to sit down for one solid meal every day. When I’m home I cook all kinds of vegetarian treats: Indian, Thai or sometimes just good old Italian. I cook with a lot of tempeh—it’s like tofu and made of fermented soybeans. I brown it in oil with onion, garlic and spices, then I add vegetables: I’m obsessed with broccoli, carrots, celery, string beans, snap peas, black kale, brussels sprouts, cabbage—I could go on! They used to call me “rabbit” when I was a kid. I hate mushrooms, though. I apologize to fungi lovers, but this way, there’s more for you!

3 glasses Guayakí
organic yerba maté tea
2 shots Dr. Foster’s
Essentials Calcium
from Herbs
1 container WholeSoy & yogurt

Romaine, avocado and
tofu salad with
Asian dressing
1 bottle water
1 cup Tazo organic

Stir-fried tempeh with
ginger, vegetables
and rice
1 glass Perrier with lime
1 cup Tazo Calm tea

Vosges Creole bar

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Some various scans

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Italian scans

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from Worldofwonder there was an interview with Lisa on 2005 I loved. She was so much funny… (as our ray of sunshine always is)

1. Describe yourself as if you were writing a personals ad.
Hot and bothered yogini with very flexible hips looking for brilliant and hilarious guru/master of the universe. Must like dogs.

2. If you had two tickets to paradise, where would you go and who would you take?
A tropical jungle with a huge waterfall. Mosquitos and cockroaches are not invited, but the following men are: super cool journalist Kevin Sites or his cute producer; Brad Pitt when he was in Fight Club; my ex-boyfriend, the Italian whom I’d still take back (cue: aww); or that guy I haven’t met yet who’s T, D & H, smart as a whip, and funny as hell. Where the fuck is he, anyway?

3. Who plays you in the movie?
Omar Epps. It’s so obvious. Or okay, Melina Kanakaredes may WANT to but it’s not going to happen. Were she still alive, and were the time/space continuum a bit flexible, I’d beg – absolutely beg – Anne Bancroft. “Please be me”, I’d say, “so I can pretend I am you!”

4. Who do you go to for advice?
Who DON’T I go to for advice?

5. What makes you cry?
The search for America’s Next Top Model.

Bonus: Toilet roll – over or under?
I tell you, it’s an issue. (A tissue issue?) I always thought under made much more sense but was recently told over is functionally better. Well, I made the switch but I still don’t see the difference. I’ve had just as many dispensing overages this way as I had the former. I am not convinced!

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Another of those interviews in Rome. This was in french and I translated for you.

Cuddy and House won’t ever be happy. Cuddy says all about her relationship with Dr.House

BRUXELLES – 3 weeks ago, RTL diffused last three episodes of 5th season of Dr.House. it’s a dramatic finale during while House, sinking into insanity, was carried into a psychiatric hospital. We should wait 2010 to discover what will happen to the most cynical doctor of the little screen.
In that while, we had the chance to interview Lisa Edelstein , alias Lisa Cuddy, to the Festival of the Fiction in Rome…

During the last episode of the season we thought that finally Cuddy had a relationship with House. But, it’s all in House’s mind, since he’s getting mad. You knew all those stuff of the situation before the episode to be recorded?

“Yes, generally we receive the script just one episode before, but in that case, they explained me everything much before to record the previous one. I really loved that episode, ‘cause it’s a way to leave the place for things which can really happen ahead. And it allows people to under stand what happen in House’s soul, things he really desires.”

You think Cuddy and House will have a real relationship some day?

“It’s really difficult to know. All I know it’s just that they won’t ever be happy. The couldn’t be, or the serie will end. It doesn’t matter what will happen, but it will in a dramatic way. Otherwise it won’t be House.”

You think Cuddy really loves House?

“Yes. I think that despite his personality sometimes really awful, she can’t deny herself to love him”

What is in a man such as House, arrogant, cynical and selfish to make Cuddy loves him so much?

“He’s fairly handsome and extremely brilliant. He’s really too honest, even if it makes him being such as brutal or cruel. He’s just real. I think Cuddy appreciates the risks he does and the intelligence he puts in his tries.”

And you think House really loves Cuddy?

“I think Cuddy is the one much closer to his ex-wife, Stacy. But House is such tortured, he does hate himself so much which makes it hard for him to open to somebody else.”

You think we’ll see his last flame, who did appear in season 2?

“That I really don’t know, but who knows?”

What can you reveal of season 6?

“Nothing (laugh). It’s not I don’t want to tell you things, but that I ignore what will happen. We start again next week and I don’t even received the script of the first episode. I’m as ignorant as you are”

If you could be a producer, what would you like to do?

“I don’t have the pretence to say do this-do that, ‘cause I regard David Shore so much as he has such better ideas than I do. I won’t give him like the impression I’m influencing because of personal reasons, ‘cause I don’t think that this or that would be better for my character”

Apart her relationship with House, one of the events in Cuddy’s life during this last season, it’s the arrival of a baby, she adopted…

“It’s important to show that a woman of her age, with her professional responsabilities, that she can adopt a human being. There’re lots of situations for single women. Some women chose not to have babies, some to try artificial insemination and some adopt them. It’s an important thing and I’m glad it was put in the serie.”

You think that the serie would have been the same without Hugh Laurie in the main role?

“The scenes are excellent, so I think it would have gone. But I think it would have been really much different, ‘cause Hugh is such a particular actor. He plays like anybody else

The serie, following some others, risks the crisis? There’re some cut to the budget?

“I don’t think. By the way, I didn’t hear of anything such as. The serie is going good and the production, Fox, is doing all to make it continue. Is it true that we’re recording little faster, just to have some working days shorter that the current ones, which are 14 or 15 hours long.
Necessarily, it allows us to gain some money a little… but this is nothing they’ve planned to economize”

French article can be found here

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Lisa got many interviews at Roma Fiction Festival and they’re all very much interesting. I manage to translate them all for you. Here the first one

Cuddy/Edelstein, two faces from the same medal

In the wonderful tv serie House MD, Lisa Edelstein is Lisa Cuddy, the Dean of Medicine from the hospital in which works the Sherlock Holmes of the global medicine. We met her and she’s a great woman, smart and sexy: like her character.

Lisa Edelstein in the tv show House MD is doc Lisa Cuddy, the Dean of Medicine of the hospital Gregory House works for. He’s responsible for the Diagnostic Department. The tv show is about very difficult cases, generally linked to rare illness and maybe without a real cure that the clever House with his team, quite always, succeeds in solving. House is an extremely handsome man but his character is quite impossible, and Cuddy looks like being the only one to face him. The ‘lover fights’ between the two of them are getting more frequent during the seasons so that we can talk about the Huddy, the union of House and Cuddy, phenomenon.

How much you like your character and how much you see of you in that woman?

Lisa Cuddy is a part of me. It’s obvious that being an actress we see some differences but it’s one of the character I loved the most, among the ones I played. She has such a strong character, her way to be a responsible woman, independent, the fact she can administrate a hospital and private life those are things I admin and, somehow, influenced my personality. In the first season I was afraid that producers made of her a bitch but I’m so good that I evolved my character so much that it moved to another direction and I love so much the way she is now.

Siamo troppo curiosi. Com’è Hugh Laurie e le piace Gregory House?
Hugh Laurie è l’attore con maggior talento con il quale io abbia mai lavorato in vita mia. E’ una persona estremamente simpatica e allo stesso tempo straordinariamente seria e disciplinata. E’ uno devoto al suo lavoro. Se gli sceneggiatori gli dicono che in una puntata deve suonare la chitarra o fare il giocoliere bè… siatene certi, lui arriva sul set, il giorno dopo, e sa fare tutto quello che gli è stato chiesto. E’ davvero una persona fuori dal comune, come il personaggio che interpreta. Hugh è esilarante ma quando si lavora diventa metodico, preciso, irreprensibile. Incredibile! Ho imparato moltissimo da lui. Per quanto riguarda Gregory House… chi non è innamorata di lui? Come si fa a non innamorarsi di un uomo attraente e così intelligente, anche se sa essere un figlio di buona donna come pochi al mondo. Il personaggio è stato costruito benissimo, è un mix di contraddizioni che incanta tutti: uomini e donne. La crudeltà che mostra in ogni sorta di situazione è il frutto del suo volere testare le persone e metterle in difficoltà, ma non vuole che falliscano. In fondo House è un tenerone che vuole il meglio per i suoi ?figli’.

We’re too much curious. How is Hugh Laurie and you like Gregory House?

Hugh Laurie is the most talented actor I’ve been working with in my life. He’s both extremely nice and extraordinary serious and self-controlled. He’s devoted to his job. If the screenwriters tell him in an episode he has to play the guitar or has to play the juggler well.. you can be sure, he comes on the set, the day after, and he does pratically everything he was asked for. He’s really not a common person, like the character he plays. Hugh is hilarious but when you’re working he’s methodic, sure, irreproachable. Incredible! I learnt so much from him. About Gregory House… who doesn’t love him? How can’t you love a handsome and smart man, even if he’s a son of bitch like anybody else. The character was just perfect, a lot of contradictions enchanting everyone: men and women. His cruelty is a means he’s using to test people and put in trouble, but he doesn’t want them to fail. House is a sweet dad who wants the best for his ‘children’.

Which is the evolution of your characters? Will you have a relation, or you had in the past? What can you tell us?

Really nothing cause I swear I don’t know anything. I know that our 13 screenwriters, one better among the other, think to explore definitely the relationship between House and Cuddy, and they’ll do in a way not to lose the alchemy between them. David Shore (the creator) never writes it ‘clearly’, so it’ll be fun. They could have an intimate relationship, and then build a family? I dunno. I’m sure that Cuddy’s will to be a mother will be brought further, so I think that one way or another I’ll have a baby. But in the private part of my life, House will show his desires and worries.

Further than personal relationship, the serie runs around medical illness, many times rare, deadly… making of House really a Sherlock Holmes of the medicine. How can they build up such histories so much incredible and interesting for each episode?

I totally agree. The team of screenwriters are the key of the success of the serie. What I see is that they always read medical books, they get informed on real cases from all over the world, they give the script to professional doctors and many patients, or ex-patients writing to tell about their stories, their “adventures”. So, it’s not just about the mysterious pathology to have the episode, you need to build a story around, with the story of the staff from the hospital. So, I agree with you, they’re really 13 good people in their job.

In the serie you’re among very handsome men and they’re all accessible. You think you can have a something with Wilson, Foreman or Chase?

Maybe! But as I said we could have also much more cause our creators are impredictable. So, little scoop, I can say that in the future there could be also someone else to chose about, and maybe you still don’t know him/her. Actors also love to say their opinion and we’re all a group of wise guy. If I could I’d make you listen what we say behind the cameras, it’s really hilarious, but I think they are not good to be published. (Nexta Media/Nicoletta Gemmi)