Precious Stone: Lisa Edelstein
April 4, 2009   0

OH yessss…

Dr. Gregory House has bad manners.OK, so that’s not a spoiler—it’s a known fact—but in the season finale of Fox’s House, we’ll learn that his latest transgression against tact and civility is kissing and telling!Yep, House got himself some S-E-X (or so he claims), and he’s not shy about discussing it.What was the hookup, and what does he blab?Find out what our set sources tell us exclusively…


April 2, 2009   0

According to the House powers that be, Mr. Reiner will be a clinic patient at Princeton Plainsboro, and his interaction is slated to be with Dr. Cuddy. Good for Lisa!

Of course, I’m sort of hoping that Dr. House gets involved somehow, because when it comes to giving as good as he gets, a Reiner character could be a formidable foe to Greg House. Imagine, just for fun, Alan Brady is the character that comes looking for some medical assistance.

The last time Carl Reiner’s Dick Van Dyke Show alter ego appeared on a TV show was NBC’s Mad About You. That star turn resulted in Carl winning his ninth Emmy. It was also a damn funny episode.

Having just seen House creator David Shore on the Fox Movie Channel’s Life After Film School – in which he revealed that any expectations that the character of House will change or evolve over time are completely unrealistic (his point was that in TV, the main characters don’t change, it’s the guest stars that do) – I have total faith in whatever he comes up with for Carl Reiner.

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Hiiii,i’ve just made a new gallery layout!Check it out!


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Hi guys,i’m Martina the new webmistress of this amazing site!Btw i don’t wanna spend time talking about me,i’ve just upload some new pictures from March 26h when Lisa was at Annenberg Foundation’s Opening Night Gala in Los Angeles!Check them out!