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Welcome to Precious Stone your best source for everything Lisa Edelstein. Lisa is most known for her role as Dr. Lisa Cuddy on the medical drama House M.D. but she has also done other memorable work such as The Good Wife, Scandal, House of Lies, Ally McBeal, Almost Perfect, Special Delivery and many more. Here you'll find the most extensive photo gallery, video archive and up-to-date new on Lisa Edelstein. If your wish to contribute with something don't hesitate to contact us.
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For Lisa Edelstein, that chapter that was House M.D. is over. With series Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce, the actress is like her character Abby taking her life in her hands after the divorce. She doesn’t forget her past (and she’s in a very good relationship to her husband) but she choses to go on.

When remembering the series that made her popular, she uses few words to better highlight the differences with the rewarding challenge of her new life, which is why she’s guest at the 56th Monte Carlo TV Festival.

From Buffy to Abby

What attracted me the most was the mixing of drama and comedy and, of course, to be the protagonist of the series, but also the complete developing of stories. Being a recurring role in House M.D., I was supposed to be there to support the main character on the medical case of the week. It’s harder, with some exceptions, to develop real stories. With this series I’ve got a real opportunity. I love Abby, even if I’m not like her that much. Apart from our bodies clearly (she laughs), but I can use a lot of my personality, which I didn’t do before, and I really have to show what I’m capable of.”

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As Monte Carlo TV Festival launched, and we knew Lisa was going to attend, here enjoy first pictures of her and Robert 2 days ago at the TV SERIES Party.

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The gallery was updated with HQ photos from yesterday’s event Lisa participated to. Take a look!

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PMc shared quite a few wonderful pictures from Lisa’s birthday party. Take a look at them in the gallery!

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Single at 40.

With the series Girldfriends’ Guide to Divorce, you will have any advice for a successful forty-year life after a divorce.

Girldfriends’ Guide to Divorce is a dramatic comedy that deserves to be watched: the series is funny and with such an amazing acting. When the divorce is official, Abby (played by Lisa Edelstein) takes advice from her single friends, and not those who are married, to start her new life.

The American tv-series will be represented by its lead actress Lisa Edelstein at # FTV16.

The festival will take place from 12th to 16th june 2016. Check out more info at the site and its sociables connected.

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Take a look in the gallery for HQ images of Lisa at the NBC Upfronts. Much thanks to my friend Kaci helping with some.

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At MOCA Gala, yesterday they had a ray of sunshine as guest. Lisa attended the event with her husband Robert. Take a look at the gallery for over 90 HQ images. Much thanks to my friend Kaci for donating some of these.

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