Precious Stone: Lisa Edelstein

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October 2, 2011   0 Comment

Thanks to MsHousefan it’s a video of Lisa in Vienna.

September 18, 2011   0 Comment

Three more interviews from Manfred Baumann’s exhibition in Vienna with Lisa Edelstein.

August 21, 2011   0 Comment

This is for sure an old interview, might be from 2008 as she spokes inside about House as well and if I didn’t get wrong something about House and Wilson relationship. But also speaking of animals. Enjoy it! Thanks to CLOSE_U for the heads up. [audio:|titles=The Wilds of Brooklyn To The Wealth of Wall Street] […]

July 14, 2011   0 Comment

That’s a weird update I know but I’m doing some order in my hard disk and I found those old interviews caps I did long time ago so thought would have been cool to update the Interviews category. Gallery links: Chelsea Lately – 2008

May 10, 2010   0 Comment

Gallery link: The Wendy William Show