Welcome to Precious Stone: Lisa Edelstein. For a decade we have been on top of Lisa Edelstein news, providing you an extensive archive with over 60,000 photos counting in the gallery and articles and much more. However times have changed and with this also the time to dedicate to this and the passion in doing.
For this reason, and various other personal ones, we have decided to conclude the activity and leave this as an open archive, meaning you can access our gallery at any time you want, browsing for anything that has been uploaded during these 10 years, but nothing new will be posted. Sometimes you may notice some activity into the archive, but it is more a case by case situation, probably only to complete a section that hasn't been completed by now, but do not expect this to happen any time soon.
Don't despair though, because there's a very well up-to-date and wonderful place with news on Lisa, and you can visit it anytime you want: join Lisa Edelstein News facebook group!
Thank you for all these years we have spent together, sharing this wonderful journey. It's been inspiring, joyful and with many friends I made, these are all moments that will be cherished in my heart forever!
Yours, Claudia