Precious Stone: Lisa Edelstein
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Episode Synopsis: House “Both Sides Now” Season 5 Episode 24 – House and the team are intrigued by Scott, a man whose left brain and right brain operate independently, leaving him with two distinct personalities and no control over some of his actions. As the two sides of Scott’s brain struggle for dominance, his warring personalities make it increasingly difficult for the team to figure out what is causing the unique problem. The team is forced to use some unusual methods to get him to cooperate with their necessary testing. Meanwhile, when House refuses to make an appearance in the clinic, Cuddy takes an unconventional approach to force House to make up the time with a particular patient (guest star Reiner) in the “Both Sides Now” episode of HOUSE airing Monday, May 11 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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Hi guys,i’m really sorry but i’m very very very busy with school and other stuff!But i’m here with a new update and 5 new pics of Lisa @ 2009 Lucille Lortel Awards in New York City on May 3!Check them out.She looks very hot! 🙂

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Hi guys,i’m so sorry for the luck of the updates,but i had some problems with my connection.Btw…i’ve just added some new scans,from the french magazine FHM!She looks so hot.check them out!

Okay, the hero of House MD for most women is obviously the doctor…
But let’s be honest here, if we particularly enjoy staying next to our significant other on the couch everytime the show airs, it’s certainly not for the power of seduction of the doctor played by Hugh Laurie. No. The one that glues us to the screen is Dr. Lisa Cuddy. Always strapped in her shamelessly tight suit, the administrator of the hospital -where the facetious House, is just as incapable of resisting his charms as she is the only one able to stand up to him…
Anyway, in all repressed ambiguity and sensuality, Cuddy is the hottest thing medical shows have managed to produce in a long time.

Cuddy, that’s Lisa Edelstein. At 42, the actress isn’t a novice. She has been on numerous television shows, playing parts that weren’t necessarily easy to come to terms with: a call girl on The West Wing, a transgender on Ally McBeal and a sex maniac artist on Frasier for the honours List…Nothing scares her to say the least. And certainly not a striptease scene like the one she performs for Hugh Laurie in episode 15 of season 4, airing mid-april. After all, it’s a job just like another for which she prepared herself: “One of my friends opened a Striptease school for women”, she explains, “I fell in love with this concept. We have worked on a choreography and she taught me what it meant to be sexy. A striptease, it only operates on fantasy. It was so exciting.” A sexy woman who seems to want to become even more sexy… Obviously, the beauty -sort of knows what she wants but I’d translate it by, she’s a man’s wish come true!

Tell us about the photoshoot that appear in these pages. How was it to pose for sensual photos?
I loved it! I enjoy photoshoots. You get to work with people whom only think about making you beautiful, it’s nice! I felt so free…

Don’t get me wrong but you’re probably the oldest of our “cover girls” after ten years… How does it make you feel to be a woman over fourty and to be still considered sexy?
It’s great! I had never thought of myself as sexy until I reached fourty. Actually, when you reach fourty everything starts making sense. Every piece of the puzzle finds their place, every information about yourself, your body, your life…Fulfilling oneself as a woman. There’s no true secret of beauty. As long as you take care of yourself, you feel beautiful.

Certainly…But you have a particularly dashing figure. How do you keep in shape?
I’ve been practicing yoga ashtanga for twelve years. The body that you have seen on screen during the strip scene is exactly the same as the one I had at the begining of the show in 2004.

Speaking of which, you’ve been portraying Dr. Cuddy for five years now, are you tired of it?
Of course not! When I got the first couple of scripts for House, I knew right away that talented people were writing them and that the character of Cuddy would be interesting to play in the long run.

What are the similarites between you and your character?
“She’s clever and funny, she likes clothes, she does her job well, she knows what she wants and how to get to it and she really has bad taste in men! Cuddy and I, we both fall for the very intellignet jerk kind of guy”…

Have you ever fallen in love with a man as cranky and cynical as House?
Yes…And I won’t say more!

Too bad… What do you find sexy about a man?
His brain. I find that the way a man thinks is more sexy than his looks. I am a visual, I am attracted to physical appearence. But if there isn’t a brain, it’s not worth it.

According to you, do men and women have the same approach regarding sex?
Wow, everybody is different, I wouldn’t want to generalize! Still I believe that sex is often more personal for a woman than it is for a man. A woman wants to get attached after making love. Usually, a man prefers to distance himself… (from everything, I suppose)

Why do you think men find hospital settings, nurses and female doctors erotic?
I think men find any female life form that takes more or less care of them erotic…Men really aren’t that complicated!

Ever since you’ve been on the show, do you get treated differently when you got to a hospital as a patient?
Ever since I’ve played Cuddy, people have had a tendancy to open up to me, even when I’m the patient. They talk to me about their private life, their job, as if we had known each other for ages… Honestly, it’s not always funny: when you don’t feel well, it’s not necessarily easy to be attentive and mostly, you don’t want people to see you like this…”

Aside from House, you’ve been on many shows. Which one do you enjoy watching yourself?
Lost, Mad Men and Big Love. Those are my favourites. I try to watch an episode of House from time to time, just to see how the story is told and to assess my performance. But I can’t watch myself on screen for too long. It’s weir and you always end up self-critisizing.

The next two questions we’ve read and read again (it’s about Hugh Laurie and how he’s so not like his character, how many days of shooting blablabla!) She says that when she doesn’t work, she loves to travel because she wants to go everywhere and see everything.

How does it feel to be on the cover of FHM?
It’s great! Being famous like that at my age, it’s fantastic. And it’s even more fantastic since I don’t see myself like that in the mirror. It’s even better when someone else finds you beautiful and sexy!

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I’ve added two shots of the promotional shot from season 5.check them out!

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Ok as some people requested photoshoots,i’ve added 3 photoshoots!Check them out,she looks ever!

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Hi guys,i’m adding some new pictures,and every day i will add something new,so stay tune!Today,is the day of the stills from seson 4 of House M.D!Check them out!

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Yeah,i know that tere is just another post about it,but i find another good scoop about it.


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Hey guys,i’ve finally made a new layout!This is my style and i hope you like it.I’d like to know what do you think about it!Post some comments!

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OH yessss…

Dr. Gregory House has bad manners.OK, so that’s not a spoiler—it’s a known fact—but in the season finale of Fox’s House, we’ll learn that his latest transgression against tact and civility is kissing and telling!Yep, House got himself some S-E-X (or so he claims), and he’s not shy about discussing it.What was the hookup, and what does he blab?Find out what our set sources tell us exclusively…


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According to the House powers that be, Mr. Reiner will be a clinic patient at Princeton Plainsboro, and his interaction is slated to be with Dr. Cuddy. Good for Lisa!

Of course, I’m sort of hoping that Dr. House gets involved somehow, because when it comes to giving as good as he gets, a Reiner character could be a formidable foe to Greg House. Imagine, just for fun, Alan Brady is the character that comes looking for some medical assistance.

The last time Carl Reiner’s Dick Van Dyke Show alter ego appeared on a TV show was NBC’s Mad About You. That star turn resulted in Carl winning his ninth Emmy. It was also a damn funny episode.

Having just seen House creator David Shore on the Fox Movie Channel’s Life After Film School – in which he revealed that any expectations that the character of House will change or evolve over time are completely unrealistic (his point was that in TV, the main characters don’t change, it’s the guest stars that do) – I have total faith in whatever he comes up with for Carl Reiner.